Definition of Rehab What is rehab or rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a process to restore the patient back to his/her normal self prior to the illness. The whole process consists of therapies, counseling and medication to help the patient.

Rehab centers, where these processes take place, are located in all cities. There are two ways of performing the process.

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation: The patient is taken in the center for treatment for a specific period of time. In this method, the patient gives his/her entire time to treatment as he/she is admitted in the center.
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation: The patients attend counseling sessions, therapies in the evenings, weekends, etc as per their suitable and available time. They undergo treatment along with their other responsibilities.

Rehab mainly focuses on recovery of a person. Functioning properly is necessary for regaining and maintaining independence and life quality after the illness.

All in all, it depends on the will of the person to recover faster with the help of rehabilitation facilities. Initiating the process early will help you in performing your routine functions and increase your chances of returning to your previous level of functioning as much as possible. Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation Therapist

Rehab therapist plays a vital role in a team of professionals, who help a patient to recover from his/her illness or injury. A therapist is a great source of positive energy, encouragement and confidence for the patients, and helps a great deal in their recovery. The therapist works in various settings like hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, mental health facilities, etc.

The rehab processes include:

  • Occupational therapy, which helps them in daily activities
  • Physical therapy, which helps them regain their strength, mobility and fitness.
  • Treatment in pain

Apart from addiction and illnesses, other branches of rehabilitations are open for various injuries or disabilities. They are:

  • Occupational Rehabilitation: This type of treatment is given to patients who have lost their basic skills after a major accident or a paralytic stroke. These skills are needed to perform daily routine activities like cooking, reading, writing, etc. This happens in many cases where there are some injuries to the brain. Coordination becomes a problem for these patients and they need to visit an occupational therapist. The therapist gives treatment in the form of medication and exercises to strengthen the muscles. The patients can take help of a psychologist or counselor. Rehabilitation Services
  • Physical Rehabilitation: In this treatment, the physical therapist looks into the patient's injury and then according to the age, gender and physical condition of the patient a suitable therapy is started. The main motive of this therapy is to help the patient get back to his normal life and earn his livelihood. The program helps the patient to gain strength in injured part of the body and be fit.

In this program, the patients are given various physical treatments like massages, physical exercises and stretching regimes. The pain is managed through medications and physical exercises. This program can be given to the inpatients as well as outpatients. There are several physical therapists who give therapies at the patient's homes itself.

Depending on the injury, physical therapist takes help of an occupational therapist, counselors, and speech therapists. Thus the team works and supports the patient to get back to his/ her normal lifestyle. Some patients require physical therapy, following a surgical procedure, this happens in case of patients who have an artificial limb, joint problems, etc.

Rehabilitation Centers

Whether you are looking for rehab centers for some particular type of rehab (like drug rehab centers, alcohol rehab centers) or you are looking for a rehab center near your city or place, then our rehabilitation centers directory will provide information on all rehab centers with detail information.

How to Choose the Best Rehabilitation Facility

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