Prisoner Rehabilitation

There are rising number of prisoners, in the recent time. The Authorities are taking efforts to accommodate these prisoners in spite of new prisons built every year. Because of that many people's criminal record are being away and they are allowed to mix with the common people.

Rehabilitation of Prisoners Research indicates that after indulging criminal activities, approximately 70% of the released prisoners return to jail within a few years. Most of them fall in four broad areas:

  • Violent offending
  • Sex offending
  • Cognitive skills
  • Addictions
The goal of the prisoner's rehabilitation programs is to reform the prisoners from committing crimes and assisting them in starting normal lives without any criminal activities. Rehabilitation of criminals helps greatly in reducing the number of repeat offenders who return to jail after not being able to settle into a normal life outside the jail. Criminal rehab also helps in solving the issue of overcrowding in many prisons.

The best rehabilitation programs for prisoner will not only helpful for the criminal but also the society at great. Many people say that prisoner's can not be reformed and whatever punishment they get for their crimes, irrespective of that they always return to their old habits.

After surveying it has been seen that after undergoing rehabilitation programs, many prisoners are reforming and returning to normal life.

In the program of reforming the criminals, faith plays the major role. Rehabilitations programs are provided by various religious organizations. Prisoners meet these organizations regularly and clergies provide them counseling and religious teaching.

Prisoner Rehab Prisoner rehabilitation programs are also offered by some social organizations. They help these people to refrain and reform from criminal activities. The program identifies the skills and potential that the person has and gives training to improve their skill so that they earn something for their decent living.

The faith based prisoner rehabilitation programs try to find out the spiritual values of the person. The program offers religious education and methods of healing and slowly makes them regret their criminal activities by converting them to lead towards normal life.

In the faith based rehab program various methods are used to reform the prisoners. The prisoners should get some basic education otherwise; large number of prisoners will remain illiterates. So that they can do some decent work for living after releasing from the prisons.

Because of this, most of these programs are aimed to import basic education to them. After achieving this, they have given some vocational education and training. Research and studies shows that encouraging prisoners with education provide better results. After under going literacy and training, many former offenders have returned to the normal life.

Another common problem with many prisoners is the drug addiction. Large numbers of people indulge in the criminal activities only for the sake of fulfilling their drug addiction needs.

Many prisoners rehabilitation programs are working on this issue. They create awareness about abuse of drug and it's bad effects for individual with the society in which he lives. Also this program offers counseling and treatment for health recovery.

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